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Sunday, October 15, 2006

What a mixture

Hormones & dreams with that combination my dreams are strange.

DH had to wake me a couple of nights ago due to me breathing heavy. When he woke me I said thank you then started to laugh as I thought of my dream.. I was dreaming I was on a pirate ship and these alein type things that glowed came flying out of the water chasing the boat so I saw a rock on the floor and picked it up and then leaned over the edge of the boat and was waiting for this thing to get closer and closer and I was getting scared because I had to wait for it to be really close (hince the breathing heavy) .... When dh woke me I was almost ready to toss the rock at it and praying that I hit it....

the next night:

I was dreaming of spiders that they were in my room beside my bed in a sink and I was blowing them away, that is when I woke up to me blowing then I stopped and thought wait a minute there is no sink beside my bed, So I was dreaming again..... back to slep I went.

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Stephanie said...

Pregnant dreams are creepy. I have never had anything like them.