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Monday, October 23, 2006

There is a baby in there....


Update on the Nuchal Translucency ultrasound.

The babe was pretty active, it took 3hrs to finally get the fluid measurement that they needed.....(so I am thinking

Baby is measuring 4 days behind which they are not concerned about and at my 1st u/s babe was measuring 4days behind. Heart rate was 153 bpm. Everything appears normal.

The risk of Trisomy 21 is 1 in 2,059
and the risk for Trisomy 13+18 is 1 in 10,548
so we are looking good.

I still can not beleive we were there for almost 3 hours, the baby would not cooperate kept flipping and turning and bouncing around it was quiet fun to watch because Orion never moved around like that, this one must have more room or we are in trouble.
Orion was so good thru out the whole time Grandma and grandpa were there watching him so that did make it easier.

Here is the newest member of our family: Babe

I am in awe still, it has really started to hit home more now I actually do have a baby in there, yet More u/s photos in Baby #2 gallery (to the right)

They are saying due date for May 5 2007 but I know we will not make it to May.


Lynanne said...

Oh and wow! Those are REALLY good u/s photos. I know it must have been frustrating for the tech to get measurements but it must have been heavenly for you to get to watch for so long. Hopefully you didn't have to have a full bladder that long though!

Stephanie said...

Welcome, Babe!