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Monday, October 23, 2006

Nuchal Translucency U/S today


So if any can send some good U/S vibes our way that would be great.
Nuchal Translucency u/s is at 1:30pm then I also see the Dr a the fertility clinic at 3:30 aswell for my last appointment with them since I am past 12w I will then be moved onto Dr O. whom I had with Orion, he said he wants to follow me again with the pg.

Orion will be with us so lets hope he is a good boy since the appointment is at his nap time. Should be interesting..

I listened to the babes hb last night and counted it to be at least 150bpm. (I counted the hert beat for 10sec then times that by 6 to get the BPM.)

Oh and the werid thing is that my last AF was July 25th and when I had my last u/s the Babe measured 4days behind so the nurse wrote down on my requesition form for the Nuchal u/s that my last af was July 29th, so when I called her and asked about it she said that they make it from the u/s not af....what?? So basically they are telling my that I had af on the 20th when she was really here in "real" life on the 25th...interesting. So when I go to the scan today they will as when I had last AF and I will tell them July 25th.

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Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking of you! Please keep us updated (with pictures if possible!) Good luck!

At my u/s I measured 6 days behind the calculations based on AF. They said I probably ovulated later than average. I always go 2 weeks early so they are leaving my due date as is. They used the u/s "gestational age" for the nuchal translucency calculation (and for the AFP test when i have that done). I'm guessing it will probably be the same for you. The nurse should have left your AF date as is. That's one thing that cannot change LOL.