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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Big bro meets little bro and then Off we go

Lil O met his lil brother today. At 1st he'd just look then point and say see see then he'd bang on the incubator and giggle, Ri just laid there. O started to get a bit antsy so Dh and I took him out of the NICU before he started anything.

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Dh took him to the waiting room where H was waiting and they played with the toys I went to pump. After pumping I went and put the milk in the fridge and went to take one last look at Ri. A nurse came up to me asking if the manager found me yet, I said no and she said oh well they need to speak with you. (I felt like I was going to the principles When she came to talk with me there was another lady with her (I can not remember there names, all a blur) she went on about moving babies around. I new what she was getting at but I was think what Hospital here in the city they were going to send him to, then I heard her say Regina. I ask her if she was kidding. She so no sorry I am not. I stared at her as she went on talking, my eyes started to tear up all I could think about was Ri leaving and me having to leave O. Then I heard her ask if I had any questions, I said I need to get my husband he is in the waiting area. When I went out to get DH I started to cry again and Dh say me and was freaked out, he asked what was wrong is Ri ok, I tried to get out that Ri was ok that they were shipping him out but it did not come out to clear. I just waved for dh to follow me back to Ri's bed where he could speak with the Dr's. After they explained everything again, both Dh and I said we understood why they chose Ri (he was one of the healthier preemies and would handle the flight better then the others) and that it was just hard for me because I had to leave another baby behind to be with Ri and plus I just gave birth 2 days ago and was all hormonal.

I was still crying when we walked out of the NICU and when I saw the other Dr and the look on his face he looked shocked to see me crying, I just looked down walking by him (I thought he new) I guess he was all worried and went to the back and asked if he missed something with baby A that is when he found out, he thought they had the wrong baby. He then came out to talk with DH and I said he was sorry and that I scared him as well when he saw me crying. He said he was surprised that they chose Ri in a way, and that he was the 3rd baby today to be picked to be sent out (one went to Edmonton the other to Montana I got Regina)

They were so send Ri that night but he ended up going the next day (they could not get the plane ready to leave in time) I arrived late that evening.

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