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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ah Family

They are waiting on pins and needles for Ri to arrive. They call me every morning and ask so how is everything??? or they are letting me now that they are stepping out so if I need them their cell phone is on, something tells me they are a bit anxious and

My mum calls me last night to say her and B are going to the movies and was a bit nervous to go I said I am fine go have Plus B wants to go see his mum in the next week or so but my mum does not want to leave me, which I don't want her to I could go anytime or not and if they go they just could miss it all... and of course murphys law right, they go I will go into


My body is sore, My hips and buttocks are achy
I did not have this discomfort with O's

It hurts to walk, is this normal?

I am turning into a whinner...


Anonymous said...

We are waiting too, Mum asks everyday how you are doing. Your poor old ligaments are stretching and loosening,that's why women get the preggie waddle. Just take it all in, have to say I always loved being PG. Our love to all of you out there!

Lynanne said...

Doesn't it get old after a while? Every time I call my husband (or call out for him if I need help at home) he askes "Is it the baby?" I am touched but honestly!

I hear you on the pains and aches! It's a sign that your baby is lower in your pelvis (especially if his head is engaged). It won't be long now! I keep expecting to hear/read news from you any day. All the best!