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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A box fell on my back

When I was at Micheals craft store today.

I was in the isle and stopped to give Orion a snack and moved to the side of the cart for his bag and BANG right on my back it took me a second that something fell on me, it hit me just below my shoulder blades. If I did not move to the side of the cart when I did it would of nailed Orion square on the head. I said loud enough to the person on the other side to be carefull & when she came to the other side to pick up the box I said to her that it just missed my son and hit me. Her only response was OH..picked up the box and walked away, no sorry or are you ok just, oh.. (yes she was an employee)

Rilon is moving like crazy so I am not to worried.

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