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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Play date day.....

For Orion.

We met with S and her dd C for a play date at the mall kiddie area, the 1st time we took the kids here. As we walked in the play area the ground was softly padded, nice to know that if they fell they would not be hurt even the climbing stuff was soft.

Orion surprised me we were not in the play area for even 2min and he was off crawling to the 1st thing got up and start walking to the next. I was kind of shocked my little boy left me behind, he was climbing everything he could. I did see him look back for me few times to make sure I was still around made me feel good he still wants mommy close... He had so much fun the smiles on his little face melted my heart.
Once he figured out that he could climb one thing then slide down the other side he was in heaven, he even new to turn his but around to go down smiling all the
way...again without mommy's help. My little boy wants to do it on his own first and if he can not then he looks to me for help.

He did not freak out when kids came up to him he'd just squeal and laugh with them, I had to think this is my boy... he normally starts to cry when a stranger looks or comes up to him, not today.

We were there for 1hr 45min and Orion and C were non stop the whole time, I took 97photos of I love Digital.

The pics are not the greatest because I was playing with my I was fooling around with the settings, getting to know my Canon XTi.

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