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Sunday, February 18, 2007

More then one

Step that is....... Orion is finally WALKING YEAH! (I say that now)

On Valentines Day I was cleaning up some because I had a friend "Missy" coming in from out of town. As I was wiping the counter tops down I hear this joyus giggle coming Orion so I look over at him and his is standing up eveys right on me and then he did it he took 5steps to me, I cheered and cheered clapping my hands, even laughing himself as he feel but got right back up again... He kept doing this then I thought to myself I better catch this on video for daddy (so he'd beleive

When Auntie Missy arrived Orion played shy for a bit but a few hours later he was showing off his new talent he kept Walking and walking for her.

Daddy got home later so I could only show him the video of his boy walking and Dh said well Happy Valentines Day to

here are some photos of him walking in the morning...
(click on pic to see bigger)


Dev said...
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Lynanne said...

Such a little man - look at him go! He looks mightly pleased with himself :) Now is when the fun *really* starts.