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Thursday, August 16, 2007


Have you notice that Gambling can make your mood go south...

My 2 sis H, J and I took our mum out to the casino for her 65th birthday and would you not believe it not 10min goes by before my mum won over $300.00 I don even think she spent $20.00 yet they actually come to you to pay it to you . I was playing one game and was trying to put 5 more dollars in but the thing would not take my money so I tried a different $5 still would not take it so I took that as a sign and I stepped away from the game and watched mum play. Then this lady came sat at the game I was at it took her money and she won $90.00 was I not happy...*%#$*%!
we went to have a bite to eat before we all went off to gambling more. H 1st sat at a Wheel of Fortune game and right away she was doing great, the rest of us went to another game and well lost.. One game yet again did not want me to play, it took my money and jammed the machine wait for the guy to come a fix it and I was off to another.... I lost $20.00.
Mum called me over to play Wheel of Fortune, I sit and I play H & J were playing to and mum's friend J. H was doing good she kept getting the bonus game and then mums friend was too, my sis J was not doing so good so she moved onto another one and well as for me not notta thing but I kept playing. Mum came and sat at the game my sis J was on and on her 1st spin won. (good thin J was not then once again those around me are getting the bonus rounds bells and I have nothing.... well all was not lost buy the end of the night just before we left I decided to play one more game and won my money back, $90.00 worht. Man gambeling can be draing and very depressing.

My mum had fun. Happy 65th mum.

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