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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2 week wait ....

ah the lovely 2ww, I O'ed (oveulated) on CD16 two days later then normal but hey I O'ed that is the main thing and we bd the day before so good timing. Now we just wait and wait........... the joys of TTC.

It is funny that when you've be TTC for so long that become comfortable with other knowing your cycle and you will talk about it, yes women have spoken of there cycles before but not in they way of TTC. My TTC life is an open book for those to see if they want to.

I was at my sisters the other day and there was another baby there and she is 2w younger then Orion and she is way bigger then him, it is funny to see how differently babies do She has no teeth while Orion is working on #'s 3&4.

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Stephanie said...

It is amazing the things that women who have had babies or are TTC talk about. Things that you would have NEVER mentioned louder than a whisper before. Poop and boogers and nipples and cervixes and mucus and what-my-body-is-doing-this-exact-second is all the rage.