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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Next is a Duck......

Orion passed his swimming lesson, he is a starfish.

He did really well, At 1st he was like what is going on here, to splashing the next class. There were a couple of times where the pool was cold and he hated it, because we have to sit on the side of the pool 1st before entering and I have to put the water on his legs, back, arms and head.... Well let me tell you he was NOT impressed with the cold he would give I little Grrrrrrrr (I kid you not) then he'd start his little hiccup cry.
All is forgotten when we are finally in the pool, he starts to splash and kick and But
I could not get him to blow bubbles in the water, when I would try to show him or even the instructor at times he would be looking everywhere but us.... He is learning to ignore the mommy

here are a couple of swimming pic granma took:

Just before we enter the Pool

Floating on back and kicking legs

Getting use to the tummy and arm movement

Floating on his back

In every class we'd sing songs like Row Row Row you boat and It was funny because every class the intructor would ask us to sing this song but she would always ask "are you all familiar with Row Row Row your boat?" We would all be like yeah we sang it about 5times

It was fun, he gets to become a Duck when he is 18months old. SO for the time being we will play in the water parks and pools.

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Trena said...

He is getting so Big! looks like he is quite the swimmer!