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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Well I was attemping to shooting Lighting but then this happened.....

As far as I know everyone got out, the teenagers were only home not sure where mom was or is and dad was at work....from what the other neighbor told me the kids were smoking in the garage and the cig landed in a gas/oil pan.

My son saw it 1st he was eating his supper when I heard him say "oh mama look fire" ...I though what so I looked out the window and sure enough
(It was small at this point only in the garage), so I scrambled for the phone to call 911 ...... So scary when it is so close to home. It all happened so fast and then it was this ball of fire I could feel the heat when looking out the window.....Neighbors were scrambling. The houses on both side of this were damage aswell I'd say from what I could see 2 of the 3 are lost.

A family needs prayers tonight..

I am still shaking


**G** said...

Wow! Those are some awesome photos Yvette! I can only imagine how scary it was to watch!

sara said...

Oh my! Definitely scary!