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Thursday, December 14, 2006


got the Christmas tree up. I would of liked it up earlier but what can I do, I can not go and pull out all the ornaments and the tree because DH piled up to much stuff in front of my Xmas stuff and being pg I can not get to and well DH is just to busy right now so my mum and sis J came over today to help out. Got to love family, always there for you..... Tree is up still standing Orion has had no interest in it just yet, I am not making it a big deal for him that he'd want to touch so hopefully that works.

Taking Orion to see Santa tomorrow we will see how that goes, will he be smiling in the picture or screaming his head off at Santa to let him (a photo will follow tomorrow.

Also took photos of my mum and papa bear (
B) and they took a couple with Orion turned out cute here is a pic:

one with mommy and daddy will follow soon.......

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