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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I think I was giving a sign that all is going to be ok....

that all is going to be ok..because last night or early this morning Orion was laughing/giggling in his sleep and just as he was finished Rilon woke and was rolling and kicking my insides pretty good and when I looked at the time and it said 4am, that is when I thought of my William because you see 3yrs ago today early in the wee morning at 4am my water broke with him.....

That is why I feel I was giving a sign that all is fine, my babies are my little miracles One is here and the other is working on getting here safe..

I needed that sign............... thank you

1 comment:

Lynanne said...

Thank you for sharing William's story. It is simply beautiful.

All the best to you on this very difficult day. I'm so sorry.