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Sunday, December 24, 2006

My teary eyed DH

DH finally saw the video I did for William.

When I showed him I kind of stood back, but as it started my dh look back at me and pulled me too him to sit on his lap, tears fell down my face as I watched it agian (I was doing fine before but as I watched it with him it was different) My Dh was taken back with it as the tears filled his eyes too. When it was done he went back to the photo of William and said you just wonder what he would of been like..... then he looked at me and said well done, and I think I will be messed for the rest of the night (not in a bad way)


Lynanne said...

I tried to leave a comment before but I must have closed the window without saving. I just wanted to tell you that the video brought tears to my eyes also. It was simply beautiful. I wish I had more words to describe how touched I was.

Elizabeth said...

What an incredible tribute.
Thank you for sharing.