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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boys went to swimming lessons again

and again Lil O cried or said NO to anything the instructor wanted him to do and just clung on to me. Before we got into the water she had us put lifejackets on the kids and as soon as Lil O's was on he started to cry (yeah it was cold an wet, I will give him that) but as we walked into the water he cried and then the instructor want them to float on front for a little bet, he had nothing I SAY nothing to do with it just cried and screamed nooooooo. So fine I just let him stand an watch the other kids do it (hoping he'd then try...NOT) Now we move into the deeper part of the pool and again we needed to practice floating, well again Lil O would not try....mommy is getting frustrated at this point and trying not to show it... Later the instructor came up and said maybe he is just not a water baby or even sometimes if he was ever scared in the water that it put the fear into him. I said well nothing has ever scared him in the water and when he is not in class he is fine he will blow bubble float on front and back but for some odd reason he wants nothing to do with the swimming lessons...

When we were done DH was sitting waiting for Ri's lessons to start (same instructor) so I told him that next week he takes lil O in and maybe, hopefully he will do better and not have mommy to cling to.

I will post some photos of Ri up in a bit.

Afterwards as Lil O and I were waiting for Daddy and Ri to change he was playing on some rocks they have indoors and kept telling me click cheese basically telling me to take photos of I shot away.

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