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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

I am loosing it....

and here is why. We are TTC#3 and can I remember to take any pill that I am suppose to.....Why am I forgetting? AF has arrived and I have to refill my clomid prescription I called the pharmacy so they would have it ready when I came into Walmart. I went to Walmart got some stuff that I needed walked around a bit paid for everything and go home. Well I forgot about the clomid till a friend said something that trigged my memory and that I was on day 3 which is when I am to start the clomid and I forgot to get it while at the store and that was the main reason why I was there.....(slap me on the forehead) I hung up from my friend called Walmart they were open till 9pm. I pack up the boys again get the and pick up the clomid (60$ for ten little pills). I get back home get the boys ready for bed dh comes home we get to chatting and he reads Lil O his bedtime story. I then tidy up the house have something to eat (9pm) put some laundry away then I get on the computer to edit some photos, I go to bed a 12:30am.

Wake in the morning and what do I realize...I FORGOT TO TAKE THE PILLS....Arrrrrrg!

I go for my 3rd IVIG on monday and then we stop till I become pg hopefully in the next month or two I don't want to have the IVIG to spread out.

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ShielaLee said...

Anxiously following your journey...crossing everything for you!!