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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

IV hurt....

Went for my 3rd IVIG treatment and the nurse the put it it HURT (well pinched more then normal) so I new my arm was going to be sore later.

IV was start I was enjoy my quiet time and then 2 other patients came in. One lady I remembered from last yr she was in (still is) in the process of adopting a baby she is hoping for a newborn the other lady I have not seen before came in with her niece whom had a video (Journalism student) she was doing a document on her aunt to bring awareness to the cost of some of these different treatments. Thru out the interview I heard the aunt say how much her treatment cost and this is no lie.... for one month (2 treatments in that month) cost her out of her pocket just over $36,000 for 1year it is just over $400,000. She and her family had to sell there farm amongst other things to pay for the one year she is now alost out of funds and these treatment is not covered for her. Once again this is were things become unfair because her illness was not something she brought on herself and there is a treatment that is helping her live and yet they will not cover her cost of treatment.

And then you have people going out getting their breast enlarged or a face lift for there own satisfaction and this is covered....something is wrong here.

The treatment I am on for 10months can cost up to $90,000 like I said it is only still a trial here and this is the only province that you don't have to pay for it yet.

When my IV was done they took out the IV it hurt and bled a bit longer then normal and my hand is all bruised. This morning my veins are very very sore.

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K77 said...

A sick person having to sell so much to access medication, and then having to stop when the funds run out, is disgusting. And as you say, you can go get a boob job and it's covered. Where's the fairness in that?

I am so glad yours is covered.