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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Rilon's Ultrasound photos and update

Went for the 26week u/s cervix check today.

When we got into the u/s room the tech introduced us to the Dr that was in traing to do u/s, I laughed and said a Dr in trainging...

Everything is measuring great, cervix is 3.2cm long and closed. Rilon is right on target 26w (25w3d via u/s's)
he weighs about 970 gram = 2.138 483 943 lb
they said Rilon was the perfect baby for a newbie to learn on.

She got a really good face shot of him it looks 3dish almost, everyone in the room went whooo look at him when they saw it on the screen...
looks like another one with Orson's nose

(Click on photos to see bigger)

Rilon's Profile

Cervix and foot
The tech looked at me funny and said "Really?" when I asked to have a cervix pic to.

I go back for another u/s in 2weeks (Feb 8th). I had 3 tummy hardenings while we were having the scan done and did I ever get lopsided.

All is looking good.

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