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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ah there is an end in sight....

This cold hit me hard, I can just imagine what Orion felt when he had it and no wonder he just clung to me like he did. I wanted my mummy (but I held back on calling it pride). Good thing I have such a good little boy because he was not very demanding while I layed on the couch, floor or were ever else I just sat and vegged My nose is still stuffed up (it is amazing how much can come out of your nose..sorry TMI) My face is raw from blowing and my eyes watering.

The first bad night when DH got home from work I asked him if he was home for good, he looked at me and said yes... oh the relief I had tears in my eyes... he then sent me to bed.

My mum and sister J came buy yesterday (Fri) and did a big clean up for me, but before the started I was told to go have a nap and I was not aloud to leave my bedroom for at least I slept for 2hrs. I so needed that because I only got 3hrs of sleep the night before because my body felt so restless that I could not sleep.

Anyways I or we all are on the mend now DH is all better Orion is sleeping better now no more bad cough for him while sleeping and me just stuffed up....

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Lynanne said...

Having a cold while pregnant is the worst! I had a horrible one right before Christmas. What a relief you all are on the mend now!

I was so happy to read that your are getting some support to be able and take it easy. Keep on incubating! The third trimester is right around the corner now!