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Thursday, January 04, 2007

U/S update, I am 3cm long...

my cervix measurement that is.. and is still closed.

When I told them of my tighten they were concerned some. DH asked what are Braxton Hicks exactly they said pretty much contractions and in your case they will not be taken to lightly.
Rilon was once again a very active boy during it and very proud to say the least at showing his boy parts off, he is following the steps of his big bro in the

The Dr at the u/s clinic said he wants to see me again in 2 to 3weeks so I am scheduled for
Jan 23 at 1pm. I see the High risk Dr O on Jan Tues the 9th.

So far so good other then the BH happening.

Orion kept pointing at the screen and laughing, so it starts early the teasing

They would not let DH take a video from his camera phone which is werid because last time they let us use the digital camera and video it... just have to be sneaking next time.

I will re-take the pic tonight an post them.

1 comment:

Lynanne said...

That's all good news! I had to laugh about the 3 cm...I always feel about that big during my ultrasounds. Aren't they so amazing?

Here's to very few B-H for both of us!! I always have wondered if we will have our boys on close to the same date. Let's both go for as close to term as possible! (of course I never thought otherwise in my case until recently) All the best!