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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Back from Dr.... update and some ...

24weeks (23w3d as per u/s)

As you know it once again I hit every red light to get there (it is a 25min drive to get to the Dr)
And when I finally do arrive do you think I could find a parking spot, ofcourse not because my badder is FULL. So I had to drive over to the over flow parking which is about a 4min walk to the Dr office (which is fine but not on a FULL bladder) I ended up being 25minutes late for the appointment, they did not seem to care and not to mention I always have to wait about that long or even longer so see him Dr O that is.

Anyways on to the appointment:
Urine is Normal
Weight is 58.0kg (127.6 lbs)
b/p is 111/73

Rilon's heart rate was 143bmp
Dr asked about my tighting and said not to puch myself. He asked me Orion's name again and then he said spelled like O-r-i-o-n not O-r-y-a-n? I said that is right. He then said just like the constilation and started to name them all off to me, then he asked what this next ones name will be I said Rilon, he then said what not another constilaion as he lol.

So I see him in 3weeks time Feb 1st, next u/s is Jan 23rd.
Go for the Gestational test sometime after Jan 26, guess I will go on the Monday 29th.


*Thanks for the posts and emails regarding my other post below, I was having an emotional PG day but I am feeling better now. My mum and sister J came over on the 6th did some cleaning for me, which I really appreciate. I think my other sis H said she was coming over on Monday. I just have to learn to let go.....


Had my IVIG on Monday, I pretty much had the room to myself for most of it (sits 4 chairs) A lady came being pushed in a wheelchair by her friend, she came in for Chemo treatment, well one of them reaked of cig smoke Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting.

All was fine till the end of my IV just as it finished and she started the finishing solution my vain popped it made me jump, it hurt so I now have a nice little bruise on my left hand and it is tender to the touch, oh well small price to pay for a healthy baby...


I was having a shower lastnight and I was planing on shaving (to look "Pretty" for the dr appointment) and would you know it as I opend the shampoo bottle it squirts some soap my way & bang right into my right eye, it was a delayed reaction then I was blinded by the soap. My eyes would not open. I finished what I could (no shaving) with my eyes shut tight. Get out of the shower feel around for my towel dry myself off feel around for my house coat. I then try and work on my eye took about 10min to get it opened a crack. DH came up and said use my eye drops for my contacts for redness, he was laughing at me the way I was trying to put the drop in he then said let me do it... um no I said that would be worse (which brang me back to a kid when my mum would try and put drops in my eyes, I just do not like the so I finally managed to get a drop in and it stung. crawled into bed and when I woke my evey was crusty but I was able to open it, it is still red and sore so I got some other drops after my Dr appt that I seemed to get in much easier without my dh standing over me watching and laughing...

Why is it that soap only went into my right eye but yet both shut tight and would not open?? And then your nose starts to go crazy when something is up with the eyes, why is that??

Oh and one day lastweek:

I was getting ready to go out to the store and Orion was crawling around the master bedroom and dh was upstairs too, he said he was going to go down and have something to eat so I asked him to take Orion downstairs with him. Dh said but I am going to make something to eat, I said "SO". But Orion will be crawling around I said "Yes he will" Then he was trying to come up with another reason and I jsut looked at him then we laughed because that is when he realised that this is what i do everyday with the boy so he can manage it too.... so he laughed and said "I say no more"

There is my long winded update, and I prbably forgot to mention something.......

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