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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Ahhhh What are my goals for this year.......

To be a good wife, mommy , sister and friend.

Where did 2005 go? It flew by so fast maybe because I was preoccupied with my pg (pregnancy) .

We went to my BIL brothers house for New Years. I really did not feel like going out that night but DH said yes that we'd go, it's a pain to go places right now since I pump my milk for Orion (he does not breastfeed from me) so I have to lug around my pump, baby diaper bag and my sweet little boy and if I don't bring the pump or don't pump within 4hrs my little breast become little ROCKS sometimes they get so hard it feel like the move up my chest (the swelling) it is uncomfortable, when who had babies will now this men well men will never know or yet understand my dh does not really get the full picture even though he did see me bawl my eyes out a few days after I had Orion because my breast were so hard and so so red and sore.
Anyways once we got there it was fine I was able to pump in their bedroom.
Orion was a very good boy did not cry until I got him ready to leave.

We got home around 2am I skipped a pumped and DH feed Orion got to bed around 2:30am, Orion woke at 6:30am and my breast were hurting so bad they were so hard felt like they were in my neck I contemplated
on waking DH to feed Orion so I could pump, but I managed to put Orion in his little vibrating chair feed him the bottle while I positioned myself on the floor beside him and pumped... talk about multi tasking. When DH whole at 10am I told him that I was tempted to wake him and why all he said was I would of been upset if you did I finally got over 8hrs sleep...(what the&#^$%) is all I thought, he get almost 7hrs every night while I get between 4 or 5 hrs on a good night....hmmmmm

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Anonymous said...

Yep, been there done that. And even when they are older, it will still be you staying up late while they are out with friends or babysitting, waiting for them to come home. Mommies just have to do these things, we don't know how not to! My "baby" turned 18 yesterday and got a tattoo! See what fun is in store for you! For the record, she had my permission.
Happy New Year