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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Dropping pumps...

I have decided that I am going to start to cut back on my pumping my milk for Orion, it's been almost 5months of pumping and really is getting tiring. I don't get to motivated because I have to pump at least every 4 hrs for 30minutes, it's really getting in the way of things. Yes I feel guilty for wanting to stop because that will mean no more breast milk for Orion but I do have some stashed away in the freezer but that will only last a couple of weeks. I just need a break from it all before we start to TTC #2 in March or April.

Ah Mommy hood is filled with so much happiness and guilt...... lol. You feel guilty to do things for yourself now.

Next step is moving him into his own room for the night sleeps.


Tummy time it not a happy time for Orion. He screams his head off then DH says why did you put him on his tummy now he is grouchy, well if I waited till he is grouchy to do tummy time it won't happen Orion is such a happy baby and well he really needs tummy time to build up his arm strength since he has none he holds his head great but just does not push up on his arms at all.

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