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Monday, December 10, 2007

Hello Santa....

Well no screaming this year either, am I surprised YES.

We get there I sit Ri on Santa's lap 1st to have his 1st Santa photo, picked O up and backed myself to the photographer and Ri was looking around so I called his name and the photographer look at me funny and asked what is his name so I told him and he laughed and said wow that is my name in all my life I never met another. I smiled and said your the 1st one we met Photo taken so I place O on Santa's lap with Ri and waited for the scream but no O was looking at Santa tapping his head for hat and pointing at Santa's hat then looking up at the lights back at Santa then at Ri then back up finally he kind of looked at the cameras way but his eyes are looking off to the left at what I am not

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