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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

302 days old

Orion is 302 days
Week 44 for him on this Earth.

Week 44

Not only is your baby getting into things he should not be getting into, but he is probably learning how to get out of things that you would rather him stay in. Any cabinets, drawers and doors that are not secured are fair game and you can be sure that your baby will discover them.

Many parents will begin claiming that they gave birth to a monkey as your baby starts to crawl, wiggle, and climb out of numerous situations. He may try to climb out of his crib, or scale baby gates. Diaper changes will become even more challenging because lets face it, who wants to lay there for a whole minute and do nothing? Strollers, high chairs, and baby swings will all become victim this month as well.

What Your Baby Might Be Doing

As the month goes on you will notice your baby understanding more and more of what you say. It will become clear that your baby does know what you are talking about, and he will start responding appropriately, but only when he wants too. Questions and comments like, "Are you hungry?", and "Bring me that book." will be understood and responded to by your baby.

What You Might Be Concerned About

Has your baby taken a few steps but looks a little bowlegged? If you are concerned about this, have no fear. Most babies start out bowlegged and stay that way for a couple of years. The bones are not mature enough and the muscles are just not strong enough.

Overtime your babies legs and ankles will straighten out and even up. Your baby will be running and playing like other kids and will look exactly the same. If you are concerned, be sure to ask your doctor at the baby's next visit. He will be able to judge if the extent of your baby's bowlegged ness is more than what is normal for your baby's stage of development.

So far Orion is not crawling,he rolls when he wants too. He does have fast hands tho, as I hold him and walk by things he grabs ahold of them, and the grip he gets on it too... He is stand with our help and almost getting that he needs to put on foot ahead of the other to

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