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Friday, July 07, 2006

Thinking of my dear friend while

she is in labor about to deleiver her miracle baby boy Jacob only to have to say GoodBye to him. This hurts me on many levels, it brings back many feelings that I have tucked deep inside of me and once again they flow. I have cried for my friend Jules because I know part of what she is going thru then I cry for my Sweet little William the pain of loosing him is back and only knowning what she (Jules) is and will be going thru in the next few days, weeks even months and then when his due date arrives more tears will be shed. Dreams are lost, just taken away.................................

I have a new Flower I will be planting in my garden this year along with my Sweet Williams and lilies there will be Jacobs Ladder blooming beside them, this little miracle will be remember with my others.

Jules I am thinking of you as you wait to deleiver you precious little boy, he may even be in you arms now.

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Jules said...

((HUGS)) Yvette.

I know how the pain must come back to you -- even in recent weeks as Tammy's sister has lost her babe, and I've heard of others, it breaks my heart to know that what I'm going through others have too.

Big hugs to you sweetie. I'll always remember your sweet William, and I'll plant some of his flowers next to my Jacob's too. I hope our babes have found each other up in heaven and are having a wonderful time.