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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sometimes I wonder HOW???

I have so many passwords for many different sites and they are all in my head, it is funny how I can remember that but yet I can not remember where I put my car keys or grocery list and so on.....

It has been hot here, so hot where you open your windows and you get a warm breeze.... So I go looking for a fan same with everybody else here in the city. I bought 2 but when I tried them at home then did absolutely nothing unless you were sitting right in front of it, so I returned them and I am back to being fanless (if that is a word) I would really like to find the Twin window fan that either Walmart or Canadian Tire sold but they are all out and wont be getting more in so here we suffer in the hot heat..... And speaking of opening your windows well we have some lovely people thing that they will take advantage of that and break into peoples homes at night while the homeowners are asleep it has happened 5 time this past week. You just can not trust anyone anymore, so now at night I make sure I do the rounds to make sure that all window and doors are shut tight and locked.

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