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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dr S update ..... TTC

My Dr appt was yesterday I am to Start the baby Asprin and prenatal Vitamins start clomid when AF decides to find me (due yesterday and no sign of her, nope not pg) Dr said if AF not here with in the week to call them they'll run tests(I don't think I O'ed last month). I got weighed and measured for the IVIG which they will call me to let me know when my 1st IVIG treatment will be.

The Dr said wheres the baby? when she entered the room, I said well I was not sure if I sould bring him did not what to step on toes or hurt any feelings (the waiting room) they said no that is ok you can bring him in next time. But I did give the Dr a photo of Orion to put on the wall of HOPE and Miracles. She LOVED the pic of him.

So here we go again officially TTC, the Dr dh & I all hope it does not take as long as it did for Orion.... fingers crossed. I can not beleive we are here once again, I feel okay and relaxed................. for now

UPDATE: IVIG is on Monday April 24 @ 8am

I went for a blood test aswell for IG (or something like that) and while sitting in the waiting room there was a mother there with her 7m baby boy made me smile and think Orion is doing good because he is doing the same things this little guy was doing. Well when it was time for that mom to do her bathroom test (you know what I mean) she asked if it was ok to leave the little guy here in the waiting room on the floor in his carseat...... what went thru my mind is WHAT we are a bunch of STRANGERS here (I am sure no one would of done many witnesses) That never would of crossed my mind. She ended up leaving him behind the Clerks desk. Then when she came out and waitied for her to be called for the blood test she againg wanted to leave him alone againg in the waiting room...WHAT THE! The told her there is room for him in the blood draw room.
Never I say Never will Orion be out of my sight in a room full of strangers, School is the only time he will be in a room with strangers and theat will be hard. Not to mention she did turn her back on him to go up to the clerks desk to fill out the forms..... I say she is a bit to trusting in her fellow stranges, there are just to many freaks out there to trust anyone.


On another note I think Orion may have his 1st cold,
He has been sneezing lots latley his nose is stuffy or runny and his sleep last night was terrible. He was not crying he was just sneezing so much it would wake him up and at one point I did have to go comfort him, It just seemed that everytime he would fall back to sleep he'd sneeze and wake up.. Should I let it run its course or should I call the Dr... When do you call the Dr?

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Stephanie said...

Poor Orion! I call the DR if there is coughing (I am always afraid of RSV or Whooping Cough) or if he has a high fever. If I have any doubt I call the phone nurse. That way I can get info without having to go in for an appointment.

Good Luck TTC again!

I would never leave my baby alone. He goes where I go. What was that women thinking?