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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Food Mill and much much more ......

I went and bought a Kidco Food Mill yesterday and tried it out today and I love it!
I made some carrots for Orion and it was so easy, way easier then I thought it would be I am looking forward to making other stuff for him. He gagged and ate then gagged more but he is getting the hang of


I always wondered how I would handle this one moment I was always warned about when you have a baby, it went well ........ wonder what I am talking about, well read on..............................
Today I was playing with Orion then I put him in his saucer while I did some dishes. When I was done I picked him up again and went to the computer to check my mail, snif snif what is that I smell......... so yup I do the smell test in front (you know what I am talking about) and it seemed fine so I continue to check my mail when this scent passes my nose once again so I figured I better check his diaper, up stairs we go. Have him on the change table unsnap his pj's then his under shirt pull out a new diaper lift his legs up to put it under the Old diaper and low and behold what does my hand slid in to .......................................................
I grab a wet wipe, wipe of my hand and think to myself "my 1st diaper blow out" I slowly take off his pj's and see no marks .... good sign .... then I see the back of his undershirt a big spot there, my thought how to get it off him with out it getting smeared all over..... (yuck)! Meanwhile Orion is giggling away. I decided to change his diaper 1st, and where does his hands go .... waaaaaa yuck I say! Luckily mommy was faster then I got the diaper off only to discover that I had to maneuver his undershirt off him still, got it off but I did not win the battle it was all up his back (yes he is still giggling away, it is like he knows...) So a few wipes later and a bath I had a clean smelling boy back..

That was my adventure for the day, off to feed Orion then put him to bed and start a new day tomorrow.

I'm a survivor of the blow out.

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Stephanie said...

Eww. I know the feeling.