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Friday, April 07, 2006

Lets talk formula's .....

Orion has been on Formula on and off from birth. He is a puker, I mean a puker when he was a few months old what went down pretty much came up (something to do with being a preemie and a valve not fully mature yet in his tummy) Then it went away for a bit, breast milk all gone so I bought formula "Parents choice" milk based with iron, then the puking started up. Kept him on it a bit longer thinking it was just the change of "milk" no change puking still happening so I tried Enfamil A+ (had a small can from the Dr) that seemed to work so off to Walmart to buy more.
I get there and noticed Enfamil had a another kind Enfamil Thickened A+ "babies who spit up" so I thought hmmm last Enfamil work this may be good too. I thought wrong the stuff is thicker that is for sure was so hard for Orion to suck out and then clumps would stick in side the nibble and block it all so I had to keep shaking it only for it to clump up and in the meanwhile Orion is getting MAD. Another Idea buy a different nipple (bigger hole) nope still clumps no matter how much and hard you shake or stir it.Dh tried a sippy cup and then well that just came out to fast for the little man and choked so I tossed that can and will just stick with the Enfamil A+ normal brand much easier for Orion to suck not to mention our ears too.


I bought a new carseat for Orion and Eddie Bauer Alpha Omega, very nice and it was on sale I came across it by luck. I went out shopping to look at carseats I was at one of the big department stores here and I saw the Eddie Bauer on the floor with a sale price on it saying $50.00 off well .... hmmmm. I could do that since I had a $100.00 gift card for that store and all I would have to pay was the difference plus tax.
Do you think I could find anyone that worked there to help me... no... so Orion & I strolled around till we did. I finally saw someone she came out from the back so I asked her if she work the dept.(she nodded yes) and if they had anymore in stock other then the floor model she said I had to check at the till, when I turned to look at the till it had a big line up and I also thought why could she not check I worked in a similar store I now it is an easy check) I looked at her and she gave me an annoyed look so I shurgged my shoulders and off to the till I went.
Standing in line and watching it get longer and then the cashier called for help, well guess who came to help her (the annoyed girl) and guess who the "annoyed girl had to help next.... ME.... lol. So I push Orion up to her and said to her well you know what I want, she sighed and said yeah (thrilled she was) then she asked what seat again I told her then she typed in the 8 digit code and out pop what stores had some and how many left. She ripped it off the till and said here these are the stores that have them left then turned her back on me.... What a little Witch, no customer service skills at all. I looked at her and said "ok, thanks I guess..."
I called one of the stores (on the paper it said they had 6 left) they said only 2 left now I asked to put one on hold I'd be there in 30minutes. I got there and the girl was so very helpful (totally opposite for the last one) she even carried the seat to my car. Anyways she said I was lucky because as she hung up from me and put the seat on hold a couple came in looking for 2.
I was ment to have this seat for Orion. The original cost of the seat was $199.99 then $50.00 off used my $100.00 gift card and paid only $60.00 and change for it, now that is a deal. Orion likes it too.

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Stephanie said...

I don't think that I could have played it as cool at the first store. If I wasn't complaining to the bitch, I would have been asking for her manager. Oh, the drama.