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Monday, April 24, 2006

Started IVIG today

Got there at 8am and was home by 11:15am.

The nurses remembered me they were surprised to see me so one was like you back but your baby can't even be a year
So ofcourse I showed Orion's photos & they all thought he was a cutie.

I found out that the IVIG cost about $100.00 per 1mg(maybe a bit more) I get 27mg each treatment, if I had to pay for it it would cost me $2700.00 each month. I do IVIG once a month for 3months pre conception then when I get pg I do it once a month till 28w (7months) that would be quiet the cost.


Stephanie said...

Yikes that is expensive! Good luck, I am hoping everything goes well.

hopefloats said...


You are sucha tropper, hope your miracle #2 is right around the corner