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Thursday, April 06, 2006

A few things

A few nights ago dh and I were sleeping peacfully then we hear this racket come thru the baby monitor ... band bang crack then his little lullabye plays then bang bang off it goes then all is quiet .... not for long as it repeats again and again, dare I go see what the boy is up too.... .hmmm
So when he wakes in the morning guess what I see, and the racket from the night makes sense ... Orion did a 180 in his crib and he was all smilies when I got him. His feet must of been hitting the side of the crib and that is also where his lullabye thing hangs.


He slept, Orion that is for 11.5 hours...... We will see if he does it again & if he does then it may be time to put him to bed earlier.... nope did not happen woke up at 8am again, which is fine with me.


Little man is rolling from tummy to back and now he is trying to roll on to his tummy but gets frustrated because his arm (right that is) is in the way, he starts to cry whine when he is stuck, ah one day he will get it.... he is Sitting pretty good still a bit wobbley but good he lasts a minute or 2.

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Stephanie said...

I just love those huge eyes. Such a cutie.