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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Had u/s

On Wednesday and we are measuring 7w4d hb 147

utrasound 7w4d Feb25 2009

I get there 10min late (could not find a parking space) and they have me sit for almost another 10 and then they inform me that they want to go for lunch can I come back at one....WHAT! Why could they not say this when I walked in ant 2 I have to now see if it is ok with the fertility clinic (they are down the hall) if I come at one now, since I am to see then right after the u/s.
Clinic was fine but I did say the the u/s place everyone here takes there lunch at the same time? I was not a happy camper lets say. Good thing a mall is near buy. I went and bought Lil O some swim trunks and found distilled water for the steam mop I just bought.

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Tammy said...

Wow... that takes alot of nerve IMO to schedule an appt and then ask YOU to wait for their convenience. If you were paying a sitter, will they pay for it??? Crazy!

I am glad your little one is doing well... I am so hopeful for you!