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Monday, March 09, 2009

What can I say

I am so flipping tired, this pg has me so drained....and to eat that is a chore but I get food down.

I am about 9w2d today go for another u/s on Wed to see how the weeOne is doing. I still am amazed that I am pg, I can not get over it and then I start thinking wow 3 kids I am still very nervous too I am waiting for something to happen something always happens so what is it going to be this time....I am just waiting.......

in other news we got a contracter in to do out basement (a little over half is on barter) they started on Dec 10th, what is all to be done is:
Paint the main area and trim put up the drop celine.
Drywall the spare bedroom/office, paint , trim and drop celing.
put in a 3 peice bathroom

well today is March 9 and the painting was done in the 1st 2wks, painter and contracter are 2 different guys (painter gets the job done when he said he would)
the other guy well not sure about He 1st said that it would all be done at the end of Jan (even signed a contract with dh) well that came and went then he asked if it could be extended till end of Feb.....see where I am going...end of Feb came and went and he is not done has not even said anything. He had his trailer of tools parked on our drive way for the longest time, I have often wandered what he was doing if his trailer is here and he is working else where (unless he has more trailers) He has not showed up today yet was not here Friday. The job is slowly getting done slowly and all I can say is I hope it is done by the time the weather is nice, so we can use the basement. As for reference he won't be getting one from us...just too many ecusses and does not show up when he says he will be here.

bathroom area before:
a1  before construction IMG_1596

bathroom area today:
IMG_3865 bathroom Mar04

main area before:
a1  before construction IMG_1605

Main area today:
IMG_3626 Feb 16

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