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Thursday, March 12, 2009

U/S went great


baby is doing well measures 9w2d ( I wrote the wrong weeks last post so I changed it)

utrasound 9w2d Mar11 09

I had to take the boys with me and they made me so proud. Ri started to cry a little when the u/s tech put the probe on my belly but settled pretty quick, lil O just stood at the end of the table and watched never made a peep.

Had to go to the fertility clinic right after (just down the hall) and again they were really good in the waiting area. As the nurse called my name another patient said my name and I paused and looked at her she said her name the then place we worked at together, I then remembered her and sad that she was still having a hard time ttc...I told her not to loose hope.. she said yes I see that and looked at my boys.
While waiting for the Dr to come in Lil O asked what the funny looking table was that had things sticking out of it (the stirups on the table) I said that is where some get a check up. Then Dr W walked in and Lil O looked at him and said "I don't want a check up" I lol and said no this is mummys check up the table is not needed today. Dr W chuckled.

My next u/s is the the nuchal translucency on Apr 8.

After wards I took the boys to a play area since they were so good.

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Lynanne said...

How awesome that you got such a great ultrasound! I had to laugh at Lil O's reaction to the stirrups on the exam table. I feel the same way :)