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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Got the call from the Clinic

Nurse Amanda said they received my 1st numbers and they are at 16,000 so somewhere between 6 and 8weeks...(I am thinking 6weeks) I go in to the clinic for a quick u/s just so they can make sure of the measurements and that baby is where is should be and hopefully see a heart beat.

I had to tell mum yesterday because she called and asked if she could get rid of that highchair since Ri sits nicely now, I was like umm ah well...I did not want to say anything just yet but you may want to keep it for a bit longer...apparently I am pg, we are just waiting on my beta #'s. I told her not to say a word to anyone.

I called mum this morning to see if she a papaBear could watch the boys tomorrow while I go to the clinic and then to my IVIG, she said she had to tell PapaBear I said well I ecpected she said he got all teary eyed.

I feel nauseaus this morning

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