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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oops loosing it already....

I forgot to mention that when I put the boys down for there nap I normally put Lil O's diaper back on (he only has it on when he sleeps) well being so preoccupied I forgot... well he slept 2hrs without incident, he woke calling out to me that he went in his pants. I went in to get him and he would not walk, he was walking bull legged, I asked what he was doing he said he went in his pants (I am thinking yeah so why walk funny) then it dawned on me he did not have a diaper on so I felt his butt if there was bulk nope none just his boxers...then I heard him say oh poop poo so I hurried him to the potty he was all upset that he started to go in his pants I said it is ok I am sorry momma forgot his response "yeah mommy bad you forgot"... it all went where is was to the potty.

I am so proud of my boy.

He is also really starting to use his imagination a lot, today he was stomping around and he announced that he was a giant as he stomped and marched around repeating I am a giant, here I come......

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