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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Our dog is sick

DH feels guilty... I will be honest I have not been the best dog mommy (I am not a dog person, she was dh dog) I will tell you I have never really trusted her, she is to wild for my liking and well dh did not train her well.

I grew up with all types of dog and as I got older I have discovered I am not much of a dog person anymore (I have said that already) For the last couple of weeks Misty (our dog) has not been able to stand on her front paw and she yelps in pain all the time, it is sad to see her like this. The vet has done multiple blood tests and nothing other then low white cell count and low thyroid then they did another and her white cell count was lower.....they were thinking cancer plus she has lost lots of weight. Well Misty spent the night at the vet hospital so they can watch her and do x-rays (which will cost us $2500.00 on top of the $300.00 already spent) they saw some abnormal stuff and have to do more tests... We are now waiting.....

Dh last night said he feels like he is going to have to put his girl down he feels bad but he says she is a dog and he now has a family to take care of and we can not afford to pay out for the outrageous cost for a Vet. I told him that she is till like a member of the family to him (I will admit not much to me, she has snapped at me and growled at the boys a few times. She is not around the boys and I)
I really don't know what I am trying to post here because sad but true I will not miss her much but I know dh will.....
Also I believe she'd be in a better place because dh works lots and so she never gets and walks and hardly ever gets to come in the house because I do not want her around the boys so she is stuck in a dog kennel all day not big enough to run in and it is not fair to her at all.

Don't get me wrong I do not wish Misty ill or death but she is not doing well...and she has not had the greatest life in the last 6yrs...not the kind of life a dog should have.

It is cancer, it is on her spine.

nothing is safe from this disease.

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