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Monday, May 12, 2008

What a great day today!

We, Dh myself and the boys all went to Bragg Creek today. Nice little drive boys did great Ri slept all the way while Lil O fought to stay awake and only fell asleep as we go

We grabbed some lunch sat at a picnic table & ate. I then put together a little helicopter that my mum bought the boys and Lil O and I played with it (wish I got some photos but dh was holding Ri) Lil O was laughing in delight as I pulled the string and up went the helicopter and off Lil O went chasing it yelling "I get it, I get it momma" then he falls flat on his face. I just said to him "Oh WIPE OUT" he looked at me and then a silly little grin goes across his face gets up wipes his hands on his coat and runs for the helicopter, brings it back to me saying "again again".

Later we went over to a little stream and I was trying to show Lil O how to throw rocks in the water....well...the rocks at 1st went everywhere but the water then he started to hit just before the water and then watch the rock roll into the water (sometimes hs was lucky and a splash would happen) He kept signing for more rocks so we went looking and daddy pointed out one rock and I at the same time pointed to another...would you not know it they were both a good sized rock for him to carry and well Lil O wanted to carry both all by himself and that was something to was getting frustrated because one would keep slipping out of his arms. While he was showing his frustration dh and I were LOL so hard LIL O did NOT want any help what so ever.... Dh caught a video of it on his phone I will try and post later as with some photos)

It was a great day, not very often dh takes the day off and we all do something together..

Family time well spent.

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sara said...

I'm glad you guys had a great day together!