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Thursday, May 29, 2008


that means 5 day past ovulation.... I am now in the 2ww(week wait), lovely. DH keeps saying are you pg? When will you know?.....truthfully I do not think so and I will no in say 7 or 10 days.


Lil O, ri gramma and grandpa and I all went swimming yesterday and lil O surprised me he was playing in the water so freely and even walked till the water reached his neck and did not freak out. He also went down the slide a couple of times.

Ri he was just having lots of fun splashing away..

Ri was so tired when we got hom but just would not sleep in his crib, so I brought him downstairs gave him some milk and he sat beside me and passed out. I was able to inch myself free after 1hr so I could start super, of course I had to take a shot of my boy asleep...he looks so peacful.

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