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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Watch this momma

Just testing this video loading thing out.

This is some of the things that Lil O wants me to watch, finally got it on tape

this video is taken with my old Olympus camera, the one I got for Mothers Day last year is great but I do not like how I have to down laod videos from it and well it takes to long so I have resorted back to the Olympus point and shoot camera till the one that I bid on E-bay arrives, hopefully it is a good one lots seem to like it online so we will see. The new one is also the size of a plam/black berry so it will be easier to carry around with me too and when I have my camera with me too.


Well it takes awhile for a video to load to blogger it has been 3min so far.....


Not bad took almost 11minutes to load this video.

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