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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ok try again......

We went grocery shopping today and as usual Lil O said hi to EVERYONE and then you'd hear a little echo of Ri saying hi too. When people said hi back that is when Lil O would announce that he had a race car then hold it up to show them. Well at on point I stopped in the Isle to look for something and a lady was reading one of the items (she had it in her hands)a few feet away. Lil O said Hi then waited a moment when he did not get a response back he said "Hi" again only a bit louder, he repeated this a couple of more times then he stopped...then I heard him say "Ok lets try this again, HI" I started to laugh and that is when the lady turned and looked at me and then at Lil O and said Hi back.

98% of the time people do say hi back. He also saw some kids and said to them "Hi boy, HI" At one point a lady stopped to say hi and she said that she had a couple of twin granddaughters his age, she looked at O and said would you like a

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Anonymous said...

TBB likes to talk to people too and gets upset on the rare occasions that they don't respond.