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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Trick or Treat.........We survived Halloween...

Took the boys to the Mall's Marvelous Maskoween Party today, 1st time Halloweeners and they did really well. Lil O was not scared he kept yelling out Oh mamma look at the monsters {pause} Hi monsters HI as he is waving like

We then watched a magic show (which I think went on a bit to long for the kids about 45mins) the kids all had a blast. The guy was good but by the time he was done they were all ready to take off.

Then we went and made a mask (mommy tried not to help to much) he did well.

He would not wear the mask at 1st then I tried it out and M took a photo (photo will come later) and then Ri tried it (that too will come later) and then Lil O wanted to give it a shot:
Could not get him to take it off after

Here he is leaving with dad to go Trick or Treating for the very 1st time

When they came back Dh said that he did say the Trick or Treat part and when he got the treats he'd look a dh and say "Ok lets go to the next house" He also wanted to go into the neighbors house next door she did let him in and when he said TorT to her she said of for the here you go and dumped a hand full into his bag. Geesh he is all ready working


It was a really nice day for Halloween today since we had a blizzard this time last year. Thought we would of had more kids at the door but again maybe 20 or 30 came....maybe the just do not like to come into the Cul-de-sac.

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