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Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm a Big boy & I'm STRONG

Well lil O finally made the transition to a big boy bed. I have had a toddler bed in the basement for a few months now and every time I wanted to set it up dh would be like "why, he is not complaining about it, he does not try to get out. Just because other kids are in one does not mean he needs to be....and so on...... I do not think daddy was
Me I was all excited to show him the big boy bed. I held off as long as I could but I feel it is/was the time for a few reasons:

#1 he is 3yrs old
#2 he goes to bed without any issues(so I had a feeling he would not be a problem)
#3 can not hold him back.

So I set up his toddler bed before his nap time. Lil O was helping and then asked why I was taking it down (because I put it together wrong for the bed rails) when done he crawled right into his new bed laid down and pulled the covers up then looked up at me and said "this is my bed". I asked if he wanted to take his nap in his new big boy bed he nodded his head. When I went to close the door he asked for me to leave his light on (why I do not know, so I did. turned it off when he fell asleep)
When it was time for bedtime I asked Lil O what bed he was going to sleep in and he pointed to the crib saying his name and that he'd sleep in there, then he pointed to the toddler bed and said it that for baby.. I said no that is a big boy bed for a big boy and then pointed to the crib and said that was for a baby boy. I asked him if he was a big boy he said yes then I asked why does a big boy want to sleep in a baby's bed. He thought for a moment then said no I am a big boy, I sleep in big boy bed. That was it he crawled in and cuddled with he's froggy, baby, bear and Mr Monkey. I turned the lights out and he stayed in bed as fell asleep he woke calling for me at 7:30am.... I am so proud he did not fall In the morning I asked if he had a good sleep he said "yup" I then asked if he liked his big boy bed "yup, I am a big boy and I am strong" (flexing his muscles as he said this) My response Yes you are little man yes you are.

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