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Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Today my mum called and told me that my Auntie M is getting married today (which is great). My aunt has been with J for about 20yrs, life was good for them... A little over a month ago J was taken to the hospital and they discovered his cancer was back and in the stomach. J was/is not doing to great so on one visit he announced to my mum he was going to marry her sister.

J was sent home and he lasted a week at home before ending up back in the hospital and has been there since. It almost seemed like the marriage was not going to take place because M was with J most of the time so others set things in motion for them to get married (one of J's sons and a neighbor friend) J was moved to a hospice the other day and today is the day they decided to say "I Do"

This is why it is bittersweet, they love each other, and for J he wants to make sure my Aunt M is taken care of after he is gone.

this photo I took of them back in 2003

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