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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Can not connect

Apparently some people (including me) can not connect to either Yahoo or Flickr. Hopefully things get fixed soon and all will be back to normal.


Today I went to the dentist and as I was sitting in the chair I had this thought run through my head of I wonder if the hygienist/dentist have ever had anyone spit/cough on them while the mouth was full (should of took that as a warning). Well a little more then half way thru guess what happens...yup...I did what I embarrassing....I starting to choke and then cough and yes my mought was full and it went everywhere some on me and some on here. I was like OMG so so sorry that has never happened and her response never happend to me And to help matters I started to gag on the fluoride treatment, geesh what was wrong with me today. She will remember me from now on.

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