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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing like saving our youngest by the seat of his pants..

literally I did.

We went to a kids play area and Ri was playing of one of the climbing things and jumping up saying boo to all. Another mom started to play all with him and he got all excited that he went on his hands an knees to peek out of one of the holes but since he is still a little top heavy he started to fall out the hole head 1st. I was on the other side of the slide so I reached over the slide and grabed a hold of his pants by the waist just before his head hit the ground (it is matted the ground) and he was kind of hanging till and could lay him down. When I looked up breifly I saw all the other moms looking at me with there mouths open and a few said OMG. I knelt and pick up Ri and hugged him till his scare left him..... Just call me Momma Ninja

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