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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Skunk and an Elephant.....

I went to the mall the other day to meet up with my sisters friend to get books 2 & 3 of the Twilight series, when we parted ways I went and signed the boys up to play in the Let's Play area and we had to wait an hour. I walked around and ended up in Old Navy where they had some kids costumes on sale $20.00 not much choice for boys but they had a couple that I hummed and hawed over. There was a Skunk and a Bat in Lil O's size but when he got a good look at the bat he did a weird shiver squishy face thing and said " oh oh that scary" I looked at it again and thought um yeah it is a little scary, it had pointy ears buck teeth with the tongue hanging out and evil looking eyes and the flapping wings so I passed on it and tried the skunk on Lil O and oh the comments that people made when the walked by him he'd shake his tale smile up at them and announce he was a skunk. For Ri well there was an elephant and it was to cute on him to pass up. I took them to the mirror so they could see themselves and the giggles and shakes they were doing and people laughing at them as they walked by. Do you think I could get it off Lil O when I went to buy it Nope I had to rip the tage off so the girl could scan it

I took these with my new point and shoot camera (I wanted a pocket camera for those days I did and do not want to carry around my dSLR)

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