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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Some tasks completed...YEAH

I have a home do my photography in. It was set up somewhat before but it was a tab cramped for my likening so today I had DH help me move the couch(sectional) down to the basement but I left a love seat up. We got the big couch down to the main floor and we realized that the way the door is to the basement it was not going to make it that way. So out the front door down the side off the house we go to the basement door and squeezed it in that way and there it will sit along with it's little partner and another set till we make it to the dump.

The other day I went thru a bunch of stuff that I plan to sell on line either on e-bay on www.used(city name).com. I have taken some photos of some of the stuff already just need to post it. I am looking forward to getting rid of it, need to get it out so I will be selling it fairly cheap. I have western clothes for women, womens ropers, dresses some that would be nice for the holidays (should post those 1st..hmmm) dress pants for men and women some baby stuff, a Bebe sounds baby "Doppler" some books.... oh I could go on and on. If your interested let me know.


I have my appointment with Dr S. at the fertility clinic tomorrow in the afternoon. She will probably put me back on the clomid (oh I can feel the hot flashes now), 81mg of asprin (that I started already) and start the # 3 here we come...can we say GIRL....we can hope right.


Tammy said...

Hey Y... sounds like you are already nesting, lol! I do hope your appt goes well and that very soon, your dream of another child come true. I'm praying and hoping, as always!!! Hugs from here!

ShielaLee said...

I hope your appointment goes well and that number 3 is well on HER way before you know it!!